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Etsy Sale! Get 30% Off!!

2016-05-11 13:28:37 by krissalus

I'm moving at the end of the month, and it's looking like I will need to put my Etsy shop on hold until I get settled. It will definitely be some time before I can ship items out again, let alone take on commissions, so rather than having my current inventory sit for a couple of months, I decided to offer an Etsy Sale.

From now until May 20, 2016, you can use coupon code FLYINGAWAY to get 30% off purchases of $60 or more from my Etsy shop. There are several items listed there that you can definitely apply the coupon to by themselves, or you can purchase a bunch of smaller items and use the coupon that way. Either way, it's a great chance to adopt one of my dragons, and this is not something that I do often. Or ever, actually. So, if you're interested, take advantage while you can!!


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