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Nice work!

I liked this a lot. The art wasn't top notch, but you made up for it in a lot of ways. I've seen the siren (or mermaid, thanks to the fouth POTC) thing done before, but you took it in your own direction and got a fairly unique and creepy little story out of it. I was actually a bit surprised by the action scenes. I didn't expect them to turn out that well after watching evil siren lady take two inch steps in the very beginning. At that rate, it should have taken her several days to get to the door XD The action was pretty solid overall, but you do need to work on the slower parts.

You did nice work synching it with the music, although I have to pick at the sound overall. There issue I have is that there are parts of the flash that are completely silent and I was waiting for something to fill the gap. The oil spill especially was a bit weird. It was like watching a silent movie, and I was worried the music wasn't coming back. Silence can heighten drama, but it was just too long at that point. I strongly recommend finding a way to fill the void, but I'd say try to get the music back in rather than throwing in a dozen different sound effects.

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swanibino responds:

sorry, the music isnt supposed to cut out. sometimes the file runs really slow but the music keeps going the same pace, so it becomes uneven. thanks for the review

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There's nothing really amazing about this game. It works for what it is, but honestly I find it a bit bland. There's not much by way of story, and what is there is pretty cliche. I like that the gameplay is fast and runs smoothly so good job in that department, but I'm not particularly willing to invest time in finishing this. Also, the inventory resets every time you go back to town or step through the portal, so you end up losing everything you were carrying and had equipped. Definitely look into fixing that so that those who want to keep playing can do so without losing all their armor and potions.

I can tell this is going to be one of those games that I spend all my finals study time on. I like the mechanics of it, and it's a lot of fun. One thing that bothers me, though, is that you can't stand still once you start riding around. You stop if you level up, and I personally like being able to stand still behind the infantry. Having to keep hitting the control keys just to keep a distance from either side of the screen gets really old after a while, and I'd like a stop button. Other than that, it's a pretty great game.

One question, though: if the animals have gained intelligence and established their own race, why does Paladog ride around on a horse? :P

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Love This

This is a great game. Really simple but beautiful. Love the graphics, and it's very relaxing to play. I thought the ending was pretty predictable, but I was still sad to see the little guy fade away. Nice work!

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This is wonderfully vibrant with great color contrast between the background and the flower, and the textures on the petals are particularly nice. Good work!!

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KNefarious responds:

Thank you so much! I'm still fairly new to texturing, so you saying that makes me happy. ^_^

I love how much you have going on here, but in a ridiculously subtle way. The footprints tell a story, and then they lead you into the background and let your imagination run off to wherever the hell it feels like. The way you've managed to do that is awesome, and your ability to tell a story with just a landscape illustration... well, it makes me insanely jealous but also really glad that artists like you exist.

As for that little creature... I can't wrap my head around its anatomy. I kind of wish that you'd drawn it so that we could see more of its body or left the wings off completely. I'm kind of nitpicking here, but those wings are a bit distracting for me. I keep wondering what the rest of the thing looks like, which is a bit of a shame, since I bet it looks really cool. On a more intelligent note, the wings turn the creature into a blob of color on an otherwise beautifully shaded piece. I love that you have the creature there, but I personally think the wings turn it into too much of a focal point. In spite of that, I'm still totally in love with this picture.

Amaruuk responds:

I love the way some people on here actually write out an actual critique and/or analysis of a piece. Thank you! I thought it'd be neat to paint something with a little more narrative in it and leave it up to the viewers to interpret their own ideas of story, while at the same time it's also a personal allegory like most of the rest of my work.

The creature is a baby of a dragon species of mine. It's kind of crouched on that rock but yeah, a more spread-out pose might have been more interesting. The wings are inspired by the gold dragons of DnD (they function the same way), and the animal's colors and markings were inspired by crested geckos. I didn't decide to add one until most of the way through painting this. I figured it'd be neat to have him as a witness along with the viewer. There are also dragons flying around the castle, but of course without description it's not possible to tell.

Pretty Good

I think you need to practice clouds a bit, and the sun looks very unnatural, but I love the concept and you drew the water very well. The lighting on the dragon is nice and so are the shadows on the water, but the reflected sun is a bit too perfect. It's also out of alignment with the actual sun XD The picture itself is slanted, but the reflection should not be independent of that. The reflection needs to be pushed more towards the rocks, and probably should be mostly concealed by the rocks.

Amaruuk responds:

This painting is a couple of years old, and I've already learned a lot since then, but thank you for the critique! I've noticed a lot of those things myself.

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